Marc Kirschenbaum Origami


OrigamiUSA—home of the largest origami organization in America complete with a great place to buy supplies.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page—if Joseph does not have it, you are probably not looking for something origami related.

Zack Brown's Underground Origami Page—this page contains come of the more erotic origami out there, including two pieces by yours truly (my "The Missionary" and "Each One Eat One").

Geometry in Motion —a great site by origamist Daniel Scher who makes math (almost) fun.

The Official Allan Holdsworth Site—the official place to hear about my favorite musician.

The Mike Keneally Page—a huge site by this ex-Zappa guitarist/composer.

The Django Reinhardt Homepage—this guitarist could do more with two fingers than most could do with an entire hand.

The Antonio Carlos Jobim Homepage—this great Brazilian composer almost single-handedly created the samba.

The Manhattan Bridge Club—you will find me here on some evenings (at the club, not the website).

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